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Garth Michael McDermott: Hear Music

What We've Been Handed (Building The Bricks)

(Garth Michael McDermott)

"I've come to realize that often times the moments most defining of one's character are less about the acquisition of personal accomplishments or the way in which you go about blazing your path to reach certain milestones in your life, but more about how you handle yourself in the situations you could never anticipate; how you handle adversity and rise above it - and how you learn to become a pro at playing the hand you've been dealt.  I've learned more about strength and the strength of the heart of others by witnessing close friends and family become superheros in the wake of difficult personal times and how certain people are always able to remain comfortable in their own skin and true to themselves no matter what kind of obstacles present themselves or what may be going on around them. To me, those are the most inspirational stories - and those type of stories are all around us each and every day. I am grateful to them for one of life's greatest lessons and grateful to them for this song."

If it's gonna be a long road
Then we should cover every mile
Cause that last turn it surprised us, but it dented our denial
Oh there's something in the air, won't you stay a little while

Well we can turn this inside out
And look for things to doubt
But if we choose to believe them to be true
Then that's just what we're handed

There's promise in the orchard
But who knows what the garden grows
If it's chances that are fleeting, well I've got my share of those
Think I'm cutting all my hair and changing all my clothes

I could use another lift
Or thinking I can shift
Cause I stall - and haven't done a thing at all
With what I've been handed

It's not the practiced roles we play
Or the countless ways we say how we feel
It's more the way we deal with what we've been handed

And not all the paths you've crossed
Or all the loves you've lost
Could reveal more than how you deal with what you've been handed